Making Technology Simple
Low cost, modular Automation units for assembly, riveting, welding and tapping integrated with the part manufacturing Machine.
We also offer multi-axis transfer systems for inter-press feeding of parts and robotic loading / unloading of Parts.
Coil Handling & Processing
Customised coil handling and processing Lines for Scroll-edge Slitting, Circular Blanking, Large Lamination segment Blanking etc., used in conjunction with our Press Lines.
Cold Forming & Forging
Integrated, tooled up and automated cold forging Lines for mass produced Parts.
High tensile Stamping
Integrated, tooled-up high speed, precision single point Stamping Press Lines with speed upto 400spm and tonnages upto 250 MT, specifically designed to absorb high snap thru forces generated in high speed stamping making them well suited to carbide Tooling.
Metal Packaging
In 2015, we will launch fulling integrated Lines for small to medium 2-piece DRD and D&I Cans and Easy-open Lids for Food and Beverages in steel and aluminium.

These Lines will integrate the best-in-class technology with small investment footprints to enable localised manufacturing.
Slide Forming
Custom built, high performance Multi-Slide Strip & Wire Forming Machines for mass-produced Parts
Transfer Forming
Precision Stamping Tools integrated with our Stamping Press Lines
Custom built, integrated and tool-up Transfer Lines for a wide variety of mass-produced Parts like Motor bodies, Food processor Jars, Filter bodies, Cookware, Clutch / Brake backing Plates etc.
Adapting technology to your needs, building & tooling up, proving, testing and training at your site